“My wall reliefs are inspired by the ZERO movement, known for their monochromatic artworks in which light and shadow play a major role. But… while their philosophy was to separate emotion from art, for me it’s actually the opposite. I find relief in the practice of creating art and I bring this emotion to the canvas.”


- Sintia Liefveld -

Client reviews

“Everytime I look at the beautiful work of re.lief.art it makes me happy. It’s definitely a great addition to my collection. Thank you!”


- Tania, Amsterdam -

”Love the art, love the artist!”


- Simone, Haarlem -

”We’re enjoying your artwork tremendously. Every moment of the day, the light hits it differently. It’s very beautiful and we’d like to thank you again.”


- Karin, Apeldoorn -

”Thank you so much for the beautiful art. It looks gorgeous!”


- John, Amsterdam -

”How art can suddenly come your way… Meeting Sintia, with her passion for making art; that is what makes “art” art for me. And so I bought the very first artwork she made and I’m enjoying it every minute.”


- Marlenne, Heesch -

”We’re very happy with our artwork. It looks beautiful. Thank you once again.”


- Sophie, Amsterdam -

”The artwork is wonderful! I’m very happy with it, thank you.”


- Iris, Amsterdam -

Small 3D relief artwork Four Pyramids on worktable with paintbrushes and jars of paint and molding paste

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